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Name Those Dusty Diamond Dark Stars: You may win a valuable prize

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on January 30, 2009

stare OLIA MISHCHENKO created a wonderful display of Dark Stars in the windows of This Ain’t The Rosedale Library. Each star depicts two authors. Some are famous – even iconic. Others are not. Can you name them? Or just name as many as you possibly can.

The person who names the most will win a $100 gift certificate. The rules are simple: present yourself at the bookstore and make your individual, singular effort. Take as much time as you need. But no teamwork – individual efforts only will be allowed. And no googling on electronic devices. Be brave – you can do it. There is no embarassment in not winning. Think of all the people who lose betting on the Super Bowl. Now that’s a disgrace because money can be lost. Not so with this contest.

The contest runs until closing time on Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14 at 9:00pm.

The Red Men by Matthew De Abaitua

Posted in Reviews, Store Picks by thisaintblog on January 30, 2009

redmen If you try to describe this book you sound insane, if you try to recommend it you sound tasteless. In order to avoid these pitfals you can simply state that it has all the ingredients of a ready-made cult classic: it’s set in a near-future corporate ruled dystopia, the characters are compelling but a little cartoonish (Philip K. Dick), and it is very funny and very dark. All this adds up to a novel that you will either hate and try to return to us, or which you will enthusiastically describe to your friends, who will think you are insane. Snow Books, $16.50

Milk and Melancholy by Kenneth Hayes

Posted in New Releases, Reviews by thisaintblog on January 30, 2009

milkThe lavishly produced first book publication from Prefix gallery and magazine is an illuminating history of art in the 60s and 70s, tracing an iconography of milk and splashing liquids as they appear in the paintings of Ed Ruscha, the photography of Jeff Wall, and countless other photo-conceptualists. What initially seems to be an eccentric perspective, by cutting across flimsy periodisations and demonstrating the close contact between science and art actually presents a stunning record of the way in which artworks transform the banal into the profound. Prefix, $27.50

Report on Myself by Grégoire Bouillier

Posted in New Releases, Reviews by thisaintblog on January 29, 2009

reportonmyselfIf read without expecting a reprise of the surprise of The Mystery Guest, Report on Myself will reveal a rawer and more unsettling Bouillier, honing his already perfect style and leaving his fans undisappointed. Mariner, $18.95

Rimbaud: The Double Life of a Rebel, Edmund White

Posted in New Releases, Reviews by thisaintblog on January 29, 2009

rimbaudRather than create his own mythical projection of Rimbaud, as so many commentators do, Edmund White leaves his own personal fascination with the subject undisguised. In many ways more direct and down to earth than one might have expected, and an entertaining work of prose in its own right. Atlas & Co, $26.50

Warhol’s Dream, by Saul Anton

Posted in Reviews, Staff Picks by thisaintblog on January 29, 2009

warholsdreamWarhol’s Dream creates a fictional dialogue between Andy Warhol and Robert Smithson. Anton samples directly from Warhol’s and Smithson’s writings and interviews. The result is engaging, and both believable and surreal at the same time. JRP Ringier, $25.00
– James

Re-Make Re-Model, Becoming Roxy Music by Michael Bracewell

Posted in Reviews, Staff Picks by thisaintblog on January 29, 2009

remakeBracewell’s book examines the convergence of rock’n’roll, pop art, fashion and the art-college culture of England in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Re-make/Re-model presents a fascinating look into the young lives of Bryan Ferry, Eno and the formation of Roxy Music.
Da Capo Press, $21.50


Poetry & Improv #2 – Paul Hegedus, poet; Kyle Brenders, saxophonist

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on January 25, 2009

kylePAUL HEGEDUS is the author of In Stereo published by BookThug. In stereophonic recording twin microphones are positioned in order to more accurately record and represent a sonic moment. In Stereo takes this as its guiding principle. The collection is a record of dualities: this is split speaker, split personality, poetic turntablism flipped a-side to b-side. Found language from a wide variety of source texts forms a mashup of manipulated sampled materials.

KYLE BRENDERS was a student of the composer Alvin Lucier at Wesleyan University. Recently Kyle collabourated with the legendary saxophonist Anthony Braxton and the result is a 2 cd set called Toronto (Duets). Last fall he performed Sunday evenings for two months at Somewhere There with a band called The Rent in a tribute to Steve Lacy. And of course Kyle played the Lacy parts on soprano sax. Paul Hegedus wrote the liner notes for Kyle’s solo cd. Listen to Kyle on My Space.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 7pm. Event is FREE

Poetry & Improv #1 – Wednesday, December 17, 2008 7pm

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poetryimprov1Victor Coleman is the author of more than a dozen volumes of poetry including Mal Arme (BookThug) & Icon Tact (also BookThug). He has been awarded The Harbourfront Festival Prize in recognition of his major contribution to Toronto’s literary life both as a writer and editor. Victor was a founding editor of Coach House Press

Michael Boughn is a poet & independant scholar who has been teaching at the University of Toronto for over 12 years. His poetry collection Dislocations in Crystal was published by Coach House Press in 2003. He has also written a number of books for young readers

Aaron Lumley is a double bass player working primarily in the musical fields of improvisation and instant composition. In the summer of 2006, after more than a decade of playing guitar, Aaron discovered a deep affinity for the double bass. Since then, Aaron has performed in a variety of regular & ad-hoc ensembles with musicians & dancer from across Canada, the US, Netherlands, Germany, & Australia

ONE HOUR EMPIRE invites you to attend our launch party: Sunday, December 7, 2008 8pm

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onehourONE HOUR EMPIRE is a Toronto based cultural magazine providing a primary source for intelligent articles and provocative imagery. Representing a fusion of all that is exciting in art, media and society ONE HOUR EMPIRE aims to inform readers from a variety of disciplines on issues that concern the international arts community. Contributors to ONE HOUR EMPIRE: CITIZENS include:

Sheila Heti, Darren O’Donnell, Micah Lexier, Derek Sullivan, Suzanne Opton, Wayne Koestenbaum, Matthias Herrmann, Suzy Lake, Guy Maddin, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Terence Koh and Sylvère Lotringer.

The premiere issue is now in print and to celebrate ONE HOUR EMPIRE invites you to attend our launch party on Sunday, December 7th at THIS AIN’T THE ROSEDALE LIBRARY.