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The Toronto launch of On the Lower Frequencies: a Secret History of the City by Erick Lyle

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on January 25, 2009

lowerfrequency An evening of readings with Q&A, featuring Erick Lyle, Jeff Miller, Cathy Crowe, Dri & Joey Comeau. Takes place on our patio, Tuesday August 19th, 6pm.

On the Lower Frequencies is at once a manual, memoir, and history of creative resistance in a world awash with war and poverty. With these tales of squatting in the ruins of the dot-com era, playing hit and run punk shows in the streets ,and organizing neighborhood anti-war parades, the editor of the underground classic SCAM magazine, Erick Lyle, traces not only the evolution of cities, but of his own thinking –and in so doing, gives the reader inspiration for living defiantly.’ – Soft Skull Press

‘Lyle and his crew are the real deal, Viet Cong in the interstices of gentrification’ – Make Davis


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