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National Poetry Month Hangover: Jen Currin, Kevin Connolly, Christine Leclerc and Kim Minkus

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on April 24, 2009

CurrinCurrinCurrinCurrinJoin us at Kensington Market’s Bread and Circus (299 Augusta Avenue) on Monday, May 4, for the (which will be nowhere near as painful as the title might sound). It may just be the best hangover you’ve ever had, with readings from B.C.-based poets Jen Currin (Hagiography), Christine Leclerc (Counterfeit) and Kim Minkus (9 Freight), and Toronto-based poet Kevin Connolly (the Griffin-nominated Revolver). Monday May 4th, 7:30pm. FREE

Dust, by Arkadii Dragomoshchenko – FEATURE ARTICLE

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Dust, by Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (trans. Evgeny Pavlov, Thomas Epstein, Shushan Avagan, and Ana Lucic) Dalkey Archive Press, $13.50
by Malcolm Sutton

We must say something about Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, by way of introduction, because he is a giant mostly invisible to our continent. Dragomoshchenko, as a poet, essayist and novelist, was central to the St. Petersburg samizdat (clandestine self-publishing) of the ’70s and ’80s, and in the post-Soviet underground has continued to influence a younger generation of poets.[i] He has drawn the attention of major American poets and critics, and in 1993 half an issue of the scholarly journal Postmodern Culture was dedicated to an exploration of his work. It is easy to acquaint oneself with ‘facts’ of a literary figure via an online search, but I suggest reading all of Dragomoshchenko’s work, all that you can find, in order to gather something substantial of him. A good starting place is ‘Memory Gardens,’ [ii] a memorial piece he wrote for Robert Creeley. In English, Dragomoshchenko’s poems have been published in a number journals and anthologies, and in two books of poetry from Sun & Moon Classics, Description (1990) and Xenia (1994), both translated by Lyn Hejinian and Elena Balashova, and both unfortunately out-of-print. In 2005, Ugly Duckling Presse published his novel Chinese Sun, translated by Evgeny Pavlov.[iii] [more…]

This is the first in a series of feature reviews, author and publisher profiles commissioned from local luminaries and enthusiasts by This Ain’t The Rosedale Library. They will posted here on the website on a regular basis, and are found under Articles & Features in the side-bar. Check back regularly.

Launching of Pigeon by Karen Solie

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on April 23, 2009

Karen Solie reads and converses with Ken Babstock (author of Mean, Days into Flatspin and Airstream Land Yacht (all Anansi)) in celebration of her most recent poetry collection Pigeon (Anansi), followed by musical guest Jason Collett. Three of the country’s most exciting voices on the same stage and in conversation. Tuesday April 28th, 7:30pm at Supermarket in Kensington market.

Sway by Zachary Lazar

Posted in New Releases, Reviews by thisaintblog on April 23, 2009

swayA novel about the night-side of the 1960s, Sway weaves together three stories; the meteoric rise of the Rolling Stones, the obsessions of Satanic filmmaker Kenneth Anger and the tragic fate of Bobby Beausoleil, the handsome drifter who falls under the spell of Charles Manson and his Family. Dark, sinister and beautiful. Back Bay Books, $15.50 (pb).

Music by Betty Burke & reading by Brian Joseph Davis

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bettyBrian Joseph Davis is the author of Portable Altamont (Coach House Books) and I, Tania, (ECW) as well as a DJ, artist, curator and Blocks Recording Club participant.

Betty Burke is the new musical/literary endeavor by Maggie MacDonald and friends Shaun Brodie, Holly Andruchuk, and Stephanie Markowitz. Maggie is the author of Kill The Robot (McGilligan Books) and The Rat King, member of The Hidden Cameras, and formerly of Republic of Safety & The Barcelona Pavilion. Singer/guitarist Holly Andruchuk is known for her band with the Brothers Elliot, and the Buffalo Builders. Stephanie Markowitz is a filmmaker who directed and produced ‘The Rat King.’ Finally, Shaun Brodie is the busiest musician among us, playing with AC Newman, The Hidden Cameras, Hayden, Veda Hille, Duplex, and many more. Wednesday April 29th, 8pm. Event is FREE and in the store.

The Vagabond Trust reading series: writers at home in migration

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on April 3, 2009

vagabondWe are pleased to host a reading from the Toronto chapter of the Vagabond Trust reading series, emanating from the Maritimes. Readings by Claire Battershill, Dave Brock, Sean Dixon, Geoff Hlibchuk, Zoe Whittall. Musical Rar-Rar by DJ Bronson Lee. Hosted by Kathleen Brown and Darrah Teitel. Thursday April 9th. 9 to 11pm. Takes place in the store. FREE.