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Music by Betty Burke & reading by Brian Joseph Davis

Posted in Events, Upcoming events by thisaintblog on April 23, 2009

bettyBrian Joseph Davis is the author of Portable Altamont (Coach House Books) and I, Tania, (ECW) as well as a DJ, artist, curator and Blocks Recording Club participant.

Betty Burke is the new musical/literary endeavor by Maggie MacDonald and friends Shaun Brodie, Holly Andruchuk, and Stephanie Markowitz. Maggie is the author of Kill The Robot (McGilligan Books) and The Rat King, member of The Hidden Cameras, and formerly of Republic of Safety & The Barcelona Pavilion. Singer/guitarist Holly Andruchuk is known for her band with the Brothers Elliot, and the Buffalo Builders. Stephanie Markowitz is a filmmaker who directed and produced ‘The Rat King.’ Finally, Shaun Brodie is the busiest musician among us, playing with AC Newman, The Hidden Cameras, Hayden, Veda Hille, Duplex, and many more. Wednesday April 29th, 8pm. Event is FREE and in the store.

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