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Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on August 27, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 8:00pm – 10:00pm. EVENT IS HELD IN THE STORE, attendance is FREE

LEE ANN BROWN is the author of The Sleep That Changed Everything (Wesleyan University Press) – and Polyverse which won the New American Poetry Series Award. She is the founder and editor of the small press Tender Buttons.

“There is a love of the language, especially for its sonic and somatic values in virtually every poem. Lee Ann Brown’s work is kinetic, playful, songful,informal,personal,erotic….It’s alive.”
–C.D. Wright

“An astonishing wonderful book, top-of-the-line poetry. Poem by poem there is the pathway of her botanical vocabulary through a long poem – flowering, leafing, curling edges of her loving mind and heart.”
–Robin Blaser

VICTOR COLEMAN is a Toronto-based poet of international stature. Coleman was the senior editor at Coach House Press from the late 60s until 1975. He has written over twenty books of poetry some of which now fetch collectors’ prices. His last few books were published by BookThug and include MAL ARME (illustrated by Parisian artist Paul Collins – illustrations described by David Bolduc as “astute and sometimes paranoid montages”) which represents the third stage of Oulipian books that started with LETTER DROP and continued with MI SING and will conclude with The Occasional Troubador.

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