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Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto by Liz Worth

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on January 17, 2010

Monday January 25th, 7pm – Admission is FREE – Takes place in the store.
Liz Worth, who was born in 1982, was inspired by fiction to compile a book of interviews with first wave punk rockers from the Toronto scene: “It actually wasn’t until I came across a novel called 1978 by Daniel Jones of Toronto that I learned there had been a first wave punk scene right here. While the story of a group of downtown kids living in chaos is fictional, the bands and venues referenced are all true. After reading names like the Diodes, the Viletones and the Poles, I took a trip to my favorite music store.” And the rest, as they could say, is oral history.

This Ain’t The Rosedale Library was founded in 1979 and its first location shared a front door with The Record Pedlar which was a source for recordings from Toronto as well as imported items and was a punk hangout. The New Rose was a store located at Queen and Parliament just east of the book store and record store. The New Rose was home to a number of the colourful characters who spoke to Liz Worth about the 70s punk scene. The owners of This Ain’t The Rosedale Library were and are personal friends of many of that scene’s figures, especially the late Jones. Dan Bazuin, partner emeritus of the bookstore, organized the light shows for the 70s band Oh Those Pants! “Treat Me Like Dirt” was published by Ralph Alfonso’s BongoBeat Records. Ralph was the doorman/manager for the punk club Crash ‘n’ Burn and managed the Diodes. So the gathering on Monday, January 25 may be a reunion of sorts, but it will not indulge in nostalgia. There will be musical and writerly mystery guests. There will be a punky Q & A. Liz will sign copies of her book.
Fun will be had by all.

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  1. DrBOP said, on January 18, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    As I have traveled over North America t/o the last decades, I can’t tell you how many times your bookstore has been a touchstone with fellow travelers reminding me of home; and I always include you as a stop on my “Cool Big Smoke” tour whenever my international friends are in town. AND YOU HAVE NEVER DISAPPOINTED!!!
    Thanks MUCH for ALL your efforts over the years…..keep on chooglin’!

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