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Woodstock Rising: the Toronto launch of a novel by Tom Wayman

Posted in Events, Past events by thisaintblog on March 12, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 8pm – In store and FREE

This booklaunch will be accompanied by a slide show prepared by Laura Jones and the family of the late John Franklin Phillips. Laura and John founded the Baldwin Street Gallery of Photography in the late 60s in Toronto. John assisted Cabbagetown film-maker Clay Borris as cinematographer for “The Paper Boy” and “Rose’s House.” Clay Borris, Laura Jones and Bennett, Laura and John’s son will be in attendance at this combination booklaunch / photo retrospective. A series of photos taken by Clay of The Woodstock Festival of 1969 will be shown.

“Woodstock Rising,” a novel by Tom Wayman:
It’s late 1969 and Communist China has successfully launched its first satellite. Inspired by this feat, a group of college students in Laguna Beach, California, set out to put their own satellite into orbit in homage to the recent Woodstock Festival. A young Canadian graduate student at the University of California finds himself at the centre of the mayhem when he and his friends break into a mothballed missile silo and commandeer everything they need, including a nuclear warhead, to blast the Woodstock Nation into the space age. The activists have big plans for their loot, schemes that may well culminate in the Light Show to End All Light Shows in the Nevada desert.
An extraordinary black comedy shot full of the social and political issues of the time, Woodstock Rising is a coming-of-age tale couched in free love, rock anthems, and revolution as well as a chronicle of an era whose causes continue to speak to us.
Tom Wayman was born in Ontario in 1945, but has spent most of his life in British Columbia. He has worked at a number of jobs, both blue and white-collar, across Canada and the U.S., and has helped bring into being a new movement of poetry in these countries – the incorporation of the actual conditions and effects of work. He received his MFA in English and writing at the University of California in Irvine has been awarded the Canadian Authors’ Association medal for poetry, the A.J.M. Smith Prize for distinguished achievement in Canadian poetry and first prize in the USA Bicentennial Poetry Awards competition. His poetry has been published in literary magazines across the world, including The Paris Review, Saturday Night, The Hudson Review and Canadian Forum. He currently teaches at the University of Calgary and remains Squire of “Appledore,” his estate in the Selkirk Mountains of southeastern B. C.

Donations may still be made to honour the legacy of John Franklin Phillips to the War Resisters Support Campaign:

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