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Recent Poetry Arrivals

Posted in New Releases, Reviews by thisaintblog on March 20, 2010

blackobjectjonathanballbettswithdeerThe most recent title we’ve received from the Futurepoem imprint is Poems of the Black Object, by Ronaldo V. Wilson, of which Wayne Koestenbaum had this to say: ‘I applaud Ronaldo Wilson’s path breaking movement into what has never, in history, been said’. Two new impossible to classify concept/poetry books from Canadian authors now grace our shelves, Jonathan Ball’s Ex Machina, and Gregory Betts’ The Others Raisd in Me. Where Shadows Will, the selected poems of Norma Cole is No. 1 in the new City Lights Spotlight series. Swedish poet Aase Berg’s With Deer appears in English with the following accolades ‘Think of Hansel and Gretel on acid’ – Dodie Bellamy, and ‘Long suppressed scenes of deliberate, feral ritual and the thrill of animal submission are herein joyfully revealed’- Michael Gira (of The Swans, Body Lovers, Angel’s of Light, etc.). And Tom Clark’s The New World has just arrived. newworld

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